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Pet owners across Lawrenceburg, TN, and the surrounding areas, can trust that their pet is in the best hands at Northside Animal Hospital. From our cutting edge equipment to our caring, trained staff, we provide quality care that your pet deserves.

Diagnostics & Testing

Our four-legged companions can’t tell us when they are experiencing pain, discomfort, or illness, so our diagnostic tools and in house labs enable us to spot diseases, parasites, and other existing health problems that are otherwise not apparent.


Ultrasounds are a safe and simple way to provide a live image of the inside of your pet. We use this image to diagnose and monitor diseases.

Digital X-Ray

X-rays are another extremely useful diagnostic tool when it comes to finding the best course of treatment for your pet. They have a variety of different uses.

They can:
– Determine the size, shape, & location of any abnormalities
– Discern foreign entities in the body
– Diagnose gastrointestinal issues
– Discover bladder stones
– Uncover heart and lung diseases

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is an advanced tool that allows us to see things that may not typically show up in a standard digital x-ray. We use an infrared camera as an “on the spot” visual tool to help us diagnose inflammation or lack of circulation and its exact location in the animal’s body.

In-House Lab & Testing

Our state-of-the-art in-house laboratory allows us to provide even better, more timely care for your pet. We can test for heartworm, Feline leukemia & immunodeficiency virus (FeLV/FIV), blood chemistry, and more. When used in conjunction with our off-site lab testing, our diagnoses are accurate and efficient.

Other Services

– Small animal medicine and surgery
– Laser therapy
– In-house full range pharmacy
– Physical examination
– Vaccinations
– Microchip implantation
– Boarding and daycare

Allow us to give your pet the attention and care they deserve. Give us a call to schedule an examination!

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